Charlsa Hensley




I am printmaker from Berea, Kentucky. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Drawing and Printmaking and a minor in Art History from Kent State University in 2015. My preference tends toward intaglio, but I am also trained in serigraphy, woodblock, lithography, and letterpress. I am drawn to printmaking as a tradition of innovation. Printmaking throughout its history intersects fine arts, craft and design, whether it be souvenirs sold at carnivals in the 15th century, the monumental Triumphal Arch created by Albrecht Dürer for Maximilian I, the caricature lithographs of Honoré Daumier in the 19th century, or protest signs used during the civil rights movement. Printmaking continues to value its past but has never stopped developing new techniques and is often at the forefront of new technology.

My recent work often focuses on the human body and time, with a visceral palette meant to evoke intimacy. For me, the greatest appeal of intaglio is the physicality of the work’s surface. Its deep impressions and the raised ink on the paper create an irresistible desire to touch. This intimate connection to the viewer is reinforced through size, with most of my prints being smaller than 11x14. Just like a painting or a sculpture, an intaglio print can only be fully enjoyed in-person, not on a screen. My works derived from anatomical illustrations were designed to be viewed the same way that you would view medical specimens—taking in the details and textures as much as the whole image.


Current Exhibits

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Past Exhibits

Firmly Rooted 2016
Honorable Mention
(The exhibit awarded one Best of Show and three Honorable Mentions)
MS Rezny Studio/Gallery
Lexington, Kentucky
July 12 - August 20, 2016
Great Impressions: Prints by Kentucky Artisans
Kentucky Artisans Center
Berea, Kentucky
March 5 - September 10, 2016
The Bluegrass Biennial: A Kentucky Juried Exhibition
Claypool-Young Art Gallery
Morehead State University
June 6 - August 24, 2016

Community Art Show
Berea Arts Council
Berea, Kentucky
March 12 - April 16, 2016

GAR Foundation Annual Student Art Show
Andrew Jackson House
Akron, Ohio
February - November, 2015

Senior Exhibition
Show Invitation